Sunlight in the Jungle

Witness the world through three levels. Sunlight fills the Jungle in level 1.

Rain & Darkness

The heavens open and the thunder and lightning fill the sky in level 2.


If you can make it to level 3, it’s time to put your foot to the floor as nature fights back in an earth shaking display of force.

Jungle Racer 3D: Racing Game
In Action

Deep in the heart of the jungle lays the undiscovered treasures of an extinct era of time; nature is Queen and you are her servant.

Speed is essential as you navigate the land collecting Jungle coins whilst outracing others. How far can you go as a Jungle Racer?

Your top-notch driving skills will be tested in three modes of play:

- Choose the fast paced one-way traffic
- Test your reactions against oncoming traffic
- Fight against the clock in the timed mode

As you progress as a racer, you are awarded with Jungle coins. These can be used to purchased new cars, new levels or upgrades. Nature will not surrender the coins without a fight.

You must avoid poisons and dodge other racers, high speed driving will be rewarded with high speed and near miss bonuses.

Will you be able to avoid the other cars in your way?
More features to boost your run!

- Power-ups including poisons, money and health
- Seven playable racer cars
- Upgradable steering, acceleration and brakes
- High speed and overtaking bonuses
- Fast and addictive gameplay



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