Healthcare Solutions by Voyage

doctor-at-computer-007At Voyage SoftTech, we have developed an innovative healthcare management system that is a web based hospital billing software. This system is capable of serving super specialty hospitals in addition to smaller hospitals. Small clinics can also benefit from the many perks that this system can provide. These benefits can include, but definitely are not limited to, the following:
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  • Patient records will be easier than ever to manage.
  • Hospitals and clinics can cut down on the amount of wastes that they produce, which can dramatically reduce the size of their carbon footprint.
  • The information received can be counted on as reliable, accurate, and timely.
  • Test requests can also be reduced with our spectacular and effective healthcare management systems.
  • Patient information will easily flow between the various departments in the hospital or clinic.
  • Hospitals and clinics can also achieve greater organizational flexibility.
  • Inventory levels can be minimized.


We have created an exceptional patient billing software that goes above and beyond other alike programs. Hospital administration is made simple with our web base healthcare management systems.
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[col type=”1″ class=”box box_border box_yellow”]Doctors, hospitals, and even small clinics can better serve their patients on a larger scale. This automated flow of information has benefits that are indirect. Hospitals can expect an increased public image as well as have a great impact on how well they serve their patients.
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The three modules have been created to integrate into the various departments of a hospital or clinic easily. Our web based healthcare management program has the ability to vastly improve the inner workings of a clinic or hospital. Core modules include:
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  • Patient Administration
  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • User Management and Theater Management
  • Ward
  • Radiology and Laboratory


Support modules include billing, general store, pharmacy, and purchase. The Enterprise modules include HR and Finance. The possibilities are truly endless with our imaginative smart system that makes your hospital function more efficiently.
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[col type=”1″ class=”box box_border box_yellow”]This electronic billing and healthcare system management program is completely web based and aids in improving how smoothly information is conveyed. Improve the image of your hospital with our functional system.[/col]
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At Voyage SoftTech, we strive to create innovative ideas that are a step ahead of our competition. No other healthcare system management program available can compare to the system our experts have designed. Let our staff at Voyage SoftTech answer any questions that you may have concerning our awesome new system. We will be happy to lend a helping hand however you may need us.

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