Hospital Management System

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Hospital Management System

Voyage SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. is presenting new solution for the Health Care industry. Hospital ERP is integrated hospital, pathology and pharmacy store help hospitals standardize their processes and integrate the flow of information across all hospital levels.

Doctors have access to all the patient history they need to make quick decisions and no longer have to waste time searching for it. Voyage’s solution addresses the need of the hospital management system allowing you to focus on your critical business.
Bridge between doctors and patients

Access to patient data isn’t limited to doctor – the sisters (Nurses) in the hospital can call up the information (Subject to given the access). Data across different modules seamlessly integrated, whether it is from inpatient, outpatient, pathology or billing.

Our Hospital ERP covers all the functional areas right from the hospitals reception log to the discharge summary details and all the activities that happen in the hospital in between OPD details, IPD information, Visiting Consultants, Patient billing and many more. This comprehensively designed software supports the functioning of all the system, thus helping the hospital in increasing the level of its services and lifting its image.

Hospital ERP provides an automated and intelligent flow of patient information, this enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients. Additionally, the Hospital ERP provides following benefits such.

1) Easier patient record management
2) Reduced paperwork
3) Faster information flow between various departments
4) Enhanced availability of timely and accurate information
5) Reduced test requests
6) Greater organizational flexibility
7) Reliable and timely information
8) Minimal inventory levels
9) Reduced wastage
10) Reduced waiting time at the counters for patients, which is resulted into reduced registration time for patients.

The indirect benefit would be an improved image of the hospital and increased competitive advantage.