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Swift Programming Language

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Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple for iOS and OS X app development, which builds on the best parts of many popular languages like Objective-C, Ruby, Python, C# and more. Announced at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference this year, Swift is the culmination of years of “skunkworks” development alongside optimizations made to Apple’s SDKs and developer tools.

The announcement that got the biggest reaction from developers was Swift, a new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch that Apple calls modern, fast and powerful and designed for safety.

Naturally Swift is object orientated, but Apple believe its syntax is simple enough to ensure that even novice coders will enjoy picking it up. The key to Swift is that it enforces very rigid constraints on the developer: namespaces are a feature, as is Objective-C’s dynamic object model.

If you want to get a jump-start on Swift development, Apple has published a free 500-page Swift Programming Language book if you want to learn more about the language. You’ll need an Apple Developer account (free) to download the beta of Xcode 6, which fully supports Swift.